A Marvelous Meander

A leisurely few days in the Midlands! Should you ever have the opportunity, indulge it. It is home to The Apartheid Museum, where one can see, if viewed from just the right angle, the portrait of Nelson Mandela in wrought iron spikes.
Michaelhouse school, where the story of Spud, written by South African author and playwright John van der Ruit, takes place, is also on this route. I saw the movie based on the novel years ago and enjoyed it.

One can have a special brunch experience at The Blueberry (Hill) Cafe. It is renowned for its washrooms, which have outward facing one-way glass, through which you van admire the cows that provide the milk for their delicious cheese cake, as you attend to your ablutions. Several bronzes by the artist Sarah Richards were on display, and fresh herbs were growing on shelves on the wall.


The fresh trio of juices was especially tasty.

We also stopped along the meander at a market place with several small shops selling fresh eggs, jams, cheeses, wrought iron pieces, books, linens, and much more.



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