Sunday with Klee

Women in their Sunday Best, Paul Klee, 1928 (via)

(This work is in the public domain in the European Union and non-EU countries with a copyright term of life of the author plus 70 years or less.)

A green lady for this ice-white day! Paul Klee trained as a musician, but preferred to be a painter, since he did not find “the idea of going in for music creatively particularly attractive in view of the decline in the history of musical achievement.”

He made more than 10 000 paintings, etchings and drawings in his lifetime.

The emperor(s) have no clothes (A nod to the fairy tale.):

Begruessung, Paul Klee, 1903

Via the comprehensive Wikipedia entry:

(Two Men, Supposing to be in Major Position), depicts two naked men, presumably emperor Wilhelm II and Franz Joseph I of Austria, recognizable by their hairstyle and beards. As their clothes and insignia were bereft, “both of them have no clue if their conventional salute […] is in order or not. As they assume that their counterpart could have been higher rated”, they bow and scrape.

Paul Klee’s last painting, Untitled

All his work is worth looking at, but I will point out one more:

Die Zwitscher-Machine, Paul Klee, 1922

The Twitter machine of 1922.

Paul Klee, photographed in 1911 by Alexander Eliasberg.(via)

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