Soft Jump

The Agile Frog

The Agile Frog

Some Thing

Ah! froglet, froggy

that croaks in the rain

ah! flylet fly

you hum affably as you fly

what háve I in common with you?

it’s there, it’s there

but I don’t know what:

I awake in the debris

amazed to hear a frog

hear a fly

and slumber ichor-sweetly in

(translated from Sheila CussonsSoft Jump, published 1979, by Tafelberg-Uitgewers Beperk; found in storage. Cussons was also a visual artist; I found this rather unique(?) piece.)

An interesting related article: The Artistry of Sheila Cussons, via LitNet.

Via Biodiversity Heritage Library site

Pictures via Biodiversity Heritage Library‘s site


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