Winter Trees
Winter Trees

Winter is here. I have put up the stockings; maybe we’ll get some coal from Invierno. Hopefully, they find a way to make coal more environmentally friendly. CCS: What is it? (There is a lot to find out about carbon capture and storage. On an asides, I have helped to plant five trees by using the Ecosia Search Engine!)

From this article (full article link below):

“Sequestering a mere 1/10 of today’s global CO2 emissions (less than 3 Gt CO2) would thus call for putting in place an industry that would have to force underground every year the volume of compressed gas larger than or (with higher compression) equal to the volume of crude oil extracted globally by [the] petroleum industry whose infrastructures and capacities have been put in place over a century of development. Needless to say, such a technical feat could not be accomplished within a single generation.”
No doubt that’s why the pro-CCS debater, Barry Jones wrote “The international community aims to deliver 20 demonstration projects by 2020, applying CCS to various kinds of industrial sectors. The idea is that CCS then becomes a commercial reality and begins to make deep cuts in emissions during the 2030s.”
CCS simply hasn’t yet proven to be practical, affordable, scalable, and ready to be ramped up rapidly.
 Even a very small leakage rate of well under 1% a year would render the storage system all but useless as a “permanent repository”.

Well, that’s pretty depressing. Here, this is more upbeat: Geologists Have an Incentive to be Naughty

Stocking up
Stocking up

Time to get educated

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