Quote from Accelerando

"Humans: such a brilliant model of emotional self-awareness," Aineko says with a theatrical sigh. "You're as stupid as it's possible for an intelligent species to be – there being no evolutionary pressure to be any smarter – but you still don't internalize that and act accordingly around your superiors. Listen, girl, everything you remember is true. That doesn't mean you remember it because it actually happened, just that you remember it because you experienced it internally. Your memories of experiences are accurate, but your emotional responses to those experiences were manipulated. Get it? One ape's hallucination is another ape's religious experience, it just depends on which one's god module is overactive at the time.

Found by Michelle de Villiers in Accelerando. (by Charles Stross)

Aineko is the brilliant cat in the story. But: Are Humans still evolving? Yes, according to John Hawks: Modern Humans Still Evolving, Faster and Faster (via NPR). Aceleramos!


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