We drive for hours
Bumper to bumper, my god the traffic
Grey skies open and wet

The leaves on the restless trees
Like paint daubs on canvas
Pale buttery bruises that shine
In the wet night

Past Emcsquared at the speed of traffic snarl
Curiosity grinning down prettily
From her billboard
As the night gets darker
And the city approaches at last
Lumbering giants with neon eyes
At last

People burst out on the pavements
Stuffing pulled from ottomans
Escaping the work week
A last shift of trash collection will end at two in the morning
The man on the radio says
Then I’m off to the islands for a rest

A smell of beer in the air

Hanni&Ball’s at the gate



About michelledevilliersart

Dribbler, scribbler, dabbler, doodler, dreamer...
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