A guest post for Wallace Day

I hope to see the seven-foot tall bronze statue of Alfred Russel Wallace (by Anthony Smith) during my travels!

Why Evolution Is True

This guest post is required reading for everyone here, as today is a special day, creating what they call a “teachable moment” about the history of biology.

For today marks the 100th anniversary of the death of Alfred Russel Wallace, which means there are people still alive who were his contemporaries. He is, of course, best known as the man who came up with the idea of natural selection at about the same time Darwin did. But Wallace was also a great biologist and naturalist in his own right, and the father of biogeography.

In honor of Wallace’s life and accomplishments, I asked my friend Andrew Berry, a teacher at Harvard and a Wallace expert (see his book in the references below), to give us a brief overview of Wallace. He kindly obliged, and added a link at the end to a wonderful animation of Wallace’s life that recently appeared…

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