Dauphin DobSon

Dauphin DobSon
Dauphin DobSon

H/T to the dobson fly; le petit dauphin, Louis; his gentle hellgrammite dauphine, who  enjoys her cuisses de grenouille (gently sautéed by Dauphin dragon). Louis prefers his pommes Dauphine au gratin.

The word “dobson” sounds like a folk etymology for another word foreign to English speakers. Possibly the origin is a Native American word for the larva. Another possibility is that it is a reference to another aquatic creature, the dolphin (from French daulphin, see WikipediaDolphin, Online Etymology Dictionarydolphin). Note that originally “dobson” was a term for the larva. (from Bugguide.com)

H/T to Not a fly: the dobson fly (WEIT); and the frog that flew (Fraser Caine)


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