Tweaking the Twerkey


So why did the guinea fowl cross the ocean? As we were driving around Nova Scotia, a small white fowl crossed over the country road. Wait-a-minute, was that a guinea fowl? I have not seen a white one before, and was certainly not expecting the iconic African roadside bird in this bucolic landscape. I googled “white guinea fowl” as soon as I could access wifi. No, it wasn’t a hallucination (phew!), but rather more mundane. White guineas are farmed quite commonly. Ironic that I should have mistaken the white guinea initially for a possible white turkey, seeing that turkey was an initial misnomer for guinea fowl that came to the Americas via Turkey…

The white turkey (not this white twerky :) ) is a rather magnificent beast:


The mind takes flight again. White turkey vultures are attractive too. Alas, they are also endangered.

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