Boids and Bees Haiku

Of Boids and Bees
Of Boids and Bees

(h/t to Craig Reynolds‘s Boids and Flocking Behaviour)

Here are two fascinating articles:

Group Think, and Crowd Control (The Scientist). What may seem a romantic musical might well be a venereal thingie

Life is but a lark, yes? How would one recognize a lark if one heard one? Do larks even flock? These are the important questions of life! Maybe the synapses in our brains also exhibit crowd behaviour.  This is what makes you you. That and the 99% bacteria…beware the Crowd Control!

Which made me think of the ocean’s viruses:

earthly viruses

more than stars of universe!

recycling Carbon

(h/t to An Ocean of Viruses/ The Scientist)


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