Alexander Pushkin
Statue of Alexander Pushkin with two birds in the hand.

The day we visited The Pushkin Museum the weather in Moscow was fair. Everywhere new leaves were unfolding; we still wore coats. There was nothing about Pushkin in the museum though. Photography was okay, if you bought a ‘picture-taking pass’. I snapped all my shots with my phone.

Icons are an acquired taste, but I enjoyed many of the frescoes with their simple colour blocking, and undeniable age. They stood on their own as works of art. I only photographed a few since the group was moving fast and the glass reflective– this is why there are many mistakes in the quickly-typed descriptions. I have tried searching for the pictures with Google’s Image Search tool, but haven’t been too successful. We saw so much that I have become confused between the different museums!

Icon by Velikij Novgorod
Icon by Velikij Novgorod

Maybe I’ll have a chance to re-visit one day…

St John
St John, a small 17th century icon.

icon IMG_3349 IMG_3350

IMG_3345 icon

St George
St George
Gabriel by Velikij Novgorod




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