StarDeathHowl (NaPoWriMo#26)

20130426-184045.jpgSo little time today! The prompt I used was Allen Ginsberg’s Howl.

Here: have three photos, taken in the beautiful botanical gardens of St Louis, Missouri:

Chinese Garden

Chinese Garden

Chinese Garden

Chinese Garden

Hot House

Hot House


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Dribbler, scribbler, dabbler, doodler, dreamer...
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2 Responses to StarDeathHowl (NaPoWriMo#26)

  1. ewdupler says:

    Your photography is wonderful, but I particularly enjoy the visual aspect you bring to poetry. I liked this poem and thought it was very clever how you blanked out the words you didn’t want, leaving us with your new creation.

    I love your synthesis of the written and visual arts. Please accept my of you for the Sunshine Award. See my Monday post if you accept. And even if you don’t, know that your work is definitely enjoyed by others!

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