Schlemiel Spiel (NaPoWriMo#24)

Schlemiel (NaPoWriMo#24)

Schlemiel (NaPoWriMo#24)

Today’s prompt was to write something using only anagrams from your own name. My name was too long for the generator, so I pruned out some of the doubles, and limited the output to 100 words. Well, the generator burped out the delightful schlemiel, and behold, a beginning, a middle and an end. How could I resist? Not really a poem, though it goes well with The Princess with the Lily-white Feet.



I am always amused when people’s names reflect their chosen careers, or some characteristic about them. One only notices it when that applies, of course. Anagrams never lie! So, rather than focus on the challenges my moniker present, I will (freely) focus on the more pleasant attributes…

The light stuff weighs more, after all...

The light stuff weighs more, after all…

(Hat tips to the sites Biblioklept, and WEIT)


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