Bones of Bandit

Heroic DinoThief (NaPoWriMo#20)
Heroic DinoThief (NaPoWriMo#20): picture in chinese ink, gobolink monsterblotling-inspired (haiku)

Today’s prompt was to include five words from a list which you can see at the link. I also tried out the Heroic Verse form:

“Heroic Verse has passed the test of time:

Iambic feet in couplets linked by rhyme,

Its non-stanzaic structure simply screams

For well-developed tales and epic themes.”

(quoted from Stephen Fry‘s The Ode Less Travelled)

So: Heroic Dino

Let’s learn about a most amazing find

of the seven-vertebrae-and-svelte-rib kind

There’s a new old therapod in town:

Dahalokely tokana its noun.

The find from Madagascar nonpareil,

is not rodomontade, ‘glad to say.

This lonely little bandit carnivore

did not abscond from African shore.

Age of ninety million years we’re told

by those miraculous paleontologists so bold…, etc.

(Hat Tip to The Integrative Paleontologists on PLOS Blogs: Madagascar’s Lonely Little Thief  by Andrew Farke)






4 Replies to “Bones of Bandit”

  1. I love it! I was the senior author on the study naming Dahalokely, and it’s so cool to see “our” animal take on a life of its own.

      1. Probably not…the impressions we have for skin of Carnotaurus (a reasonably close relative) are pretty scaly. Not to say there weren’t some little quills or fuzz here and there, but full-on feathers like a bird or Velociraptor seem pretty unlikely.

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