The End is the Beginning…(NaPoWriMo#18)

The Star Bear Odyssey:  The Start
The Star Bear Odyssey: The Start

Today’s prompt (there are other sites with other prompts too) was to write a poem where the first word is also the last word. Isn’t that many a politician’s dream? To have the first and last word on everything… The irony is that they’re often just the same word.

I structured The Star Bear Odyssey in this way: it is a haiku ballad where the first word (meteor) is also the last word. Every last word of each haiku is also the first word of the next haiku. It shows how, even though there isn’t a Grand Design, each stage of the Star Bear’s story is logically linked. Sometimes even though the word is the same, it has a different meaning, for instance bear(n) and bear(v). (horizontal gene transfer! 🙂)

I used to play a game as a child, one I’m sure we all indulge in: before going to sleep, I would grab a specific thought or memory and try to trace it back to its origin. Some thoughts are circular. Alas, progress is sometimes elusive. The mind is an open system though, and gets inputs from outside too. (some are more open than others!) That’s probably why it would be difficult to download yourself into a machine-  you’d only get a balance sheet, so to speak, not a cash flow. Plus you might end up destroying your master in the process. Zombies!

So. Today’s challenge fitted neatly with Star Bear’s story method. Wouldn’t it be cool (mind-blowing, even!) if the “Higgs Field” of our grey matter turned out to be the same elusive dark matter that pervades our universe?

Here is the ending (or is it?):

The Star Bear Odyssey: The End...
The Star Bear Odyssey: The End… (NaPoWriMo#18) 

For more on the haiku horror picture story, check out Quench Ash.

Oh, hai: I see many dates claim to be Haiku Day. Mmm, every day should be a haiku day!

I am suffering from some intense qualia today…

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