Sadly, Gravitas

Very Little Gravitas Indeed

Stark ink letters

in iron-ruled fetters

(don’t mock your betters!)

 on to disciplined gird…you sinner against the word!

Here:  a really humble rhyme

only because i stumble all the time:

i’m not too word-sprightly

i present to you: Lightly

Seared on the Reality Grill

and without illustratorly frill:

(though my Illustration of Choice

would most certainly have obscured His Master’s Voice)

You say words have to be strong

stand on their own feet in the literary throng

but, my words come out all wrong

see: they were not trained as puppies

they swim and multiply like guppies…

should you stare at them all stern

they’d pee themselves and still not learn

(or pretend to having fun:

another pun, another pun!)

Now, if they were a cat

they would not care a rat’s

ass: such sass, such sass! they’d hiss and scratch

and care not if they match (or dupli-cat)

When words first evolved,

escaped from the cave’s ochre wall

they found their feet, their souls

in consciousness’s call

(no, they didn’t really fall)

Some will forever be a horseshoe crab

that, like nautiluses, also old

need their armour drab

they so struggle to be bold

(they’re Mostly Harmless

and really fairly gormless)

Some squish easily, like velvet worms

(another of the Unsung Heroes)

red-lined wobbles and squirms

a sad, sad fact

they suck at the Balancing Act

and end up as big fat zeroes

But… without the pictures and puns,

without: Now You’re Just Being Silly,

without the watercolours and ink runs,

i’m left with dilly-nilly

I’m not that skilled;

my words keep getting killed!

they have to Lean In against each other

my picture: a sister, a brother

Hat tip to Scottish science fiction writer Iain M. Banks, whose books I enjoy. His words and worlds stand strong. In line with today’s prompt I purloined some of the Culture-space-ship-like names off the dedicated twitter account. The Horseshoe Crab would be a good name for a spaceship. Did you spot which ones were coined by the author himself?


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