It never Rains but it Pours…

I feel guilty about neglecting my horse painting project. I have just finished a whirlwind of illustrations for submission to Neil Gaiman’s Move Along Calendar of Tales Project.

December Tale
December Tale

Just today I read that they should  rather have been in landscape orientation…mmm. It was great to have a ready-made project to work on. I should update some of my own stories’ pictures.

I have a chair to paint for The Chair Affair again. What to put on it? I have considered a horse (my conscience) a pomegranate (just because I love them, and so should you) or some sea creature– there are so many to choose from.

Muskoka Chair 2013
Muskoka Chair 2013

And it’s raining buckets; filling buckets in my studio, because the roof, which is not flat above my studio, is leaking…The cats are sharpening their already sharp talons on my to-be-painted Muskoka chair and the buckets are going plip plop. I’m drinking coffee.

An update on The Queens University Human Rights Project.




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