What is a Nest, but a KnotDream by Another Name?

Nest; 30"x40"; acrylic; Michelle de Villiers

Nest; 30″x40″; acrylic; Michelle de Villiers; Madikwe Game Reserve

I have recently done an enjoyable little project, an illustration for LitNet‘s haiku competition. Below is the winning haiku, Vinknessie, by Pieter Strauss.

Haiku Illustration for LitNet

(loosely translated: weaver nest so high/like a planet in the sky/bundlekin of fear)

There are maningi-many different Ploceidae, or weaver birds. Generally they are social;  most are from Sub-Saharan Africa. They are seed-eating birds with rounded conical bills— Wikipedia has a nice entry on them. A great resource is The Internet Bird Collection, with stacks of photographs, videos and sound clips.

Travelling past Communal Nests (South Africa)

Travelling past Communal Nests (South Africa)

A little West African poetry by Kofi Awoonor also uses the weaver bird in its imagery, bitterly:

“The weaver bird built in our house

And laid its eggs on our only tree

We did not want to send it away

We watched the building of the nest

And supervised the egg-laying” (from West African Poetry, a Critical History)

There is an interesting clip from a BBC video on YouTube, showing the trouble the male weaver bird goes to to get the nest built:

The site 10,0000 Birds also has good weaver bird pictures.

Afrika Heuning

Hoog in die takkies

van die sterstof slimme brein

galheuning, askies

Creative Commons License

My bits of this work are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

A fine choice of some sort-of related stuff:

Slim Pickings vir Slim Poppies (a brain is like a nest, but sometimes just a pest)

Definition of an Invasive Species

What is a Species, Anyway?

Are Missionaries an Invasive Species?


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