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MoonDog (Invidia, the green dog) 48"x48"; Acrylic, Michelle de Villiers, CC

MoonDog (Invidia, the green dog) 48″x48″; Acrylic, Michelle de Villiers, CC

Invidia is one of the Seven Sins Series. You could go with Envy, or (if the Divine Comedy of that doesn’t appeal) you could see the green dog in the shapes of the moon landscape, which might be more pleasant, after all. There is something else called a moon dog:

“A moon dogmoondog, or mock moon,[1] (scientific name paraselene,[1] plural paraselenae, i.e. “beside the moon”) is a relatively rare bright circular spot on a lunar halo caused by the refraction of moonlight by hexagonal-plate-shaped ice crystals in cirrus or cirrostratus clouds.” (via Wikipedia).

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