Ceiling Wax

I have recently had the song Puff the Magic Dragon earworming me. Maybe the  two holes cut out in my ceiling since summer caused it. This leads somewhere, really. (I also think of my father every time I see these holes.  He advised against flat roofs. Because they leak. Which every flat-roofed house I’ve ever lived in has done.) All these years, I have visualised the sealing wax in Puff’s song to be ceiling wax…at least I correctly surmised the substance. In the olden days, I mused, they might have used it as a type of grout. It must have smelt nice, I mused in addition. In a typical brainfart, I did not even consider sealing wax.

(If you google Ceiling Cat,  you also find Basement Horse (lots of spellos). I found the graphing of each meme’s popularity quite interesting.)

Recently I  considered starting up a beehive again. There’s that wax then too.  A wax and watercolour painting I had done by grating leftover wax crayons on a coarse sheet of paper re-surfaced.  Smell the burnt wax smell that rises from the hot-ironed sheet! Little finger caps were made in molten puddles. A monotype resulted. It looked like a creek and long grass, a cold puddle twinkling through bulrushes, a crocodile lying in wait for a wildebeest.  Redbreasted finches nested there amongst the false-papyrus cattails.

A little muse-doodle:


So: no ceiling cat. My ceiling still needs fixing. I imagine there should be a dragon in there, to dry out the condensation, which turned out to be the real problem. Thus spake the ceiling consultant, who will certainly be back in summer to fix cutting up the ceiling in several spots.

In the meantime I can have some fun doodling ceiling creatures. Maybe a little ylang-ylang-breathed-dragon?  Dragons are not real, you say. Sadly then, since I had always wanted one; the closest I could get to one was a gecko. You do get Draco lizards! They are rather stunning. Yep, I’ll be happy with a ceiling draco.

Puff, the Draco Lizard
Puff, the Draco Lizard

Here you go:

Ceiling Draco Ceiling NebuMiaow

(Hat Tip to Lenny Lipton)

Wow, Zemanta is offering me some strange related articles.

Note: The word meme originated(?) with Richard Dawkins‘ 1976 book The Selfish Gene.


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