A Cure for Pessimism

Those capricious fantasies, friend! You say your palate naught can please, I hear you bluster, spit and wheeze!
My love, my patience, soon will end!
Pluck up your courage, follow me–
Here’s a fat toad! Now then, don’t blink! Swallow it whole nor pause to think!
From your dyspepsia you’ll be free!

(From The Complete Works of Friedrich Nietzsche)

This: “I’m trying to see the Under Toad, ” Walt said. “The what? …” ( Between Helen and Garp, the ‘Under Toad’ became their code word for anxiety, from The World According to Garp, by John Irving)

This: Under the Frog by Tibor Fischer, because there is a difference between frogs and toads, and because he’s written a new book, called Crushed Mexican Spiders, which is available through Unbound.

The title “Under the Frog” is taken from a Hungarian expression, “a béka segge alatt” used to describe any situation when things can’t seem to get any worse: “under a frog’s arse, down a coalmine”. More correctly: “under the frog’s arse at the bottom of the coal pit”. (via Wikipedia)
Which, of course, is also Garp’s undertow, the constant anxiety, fed and watered today in real life by a society south of our border, where the right to bear an assault rifle is deemed more important than the right of a child not to have his or her life taken by someone with easy access to a semiautomatic weapon.

This: “bluster” is word of the year on, because of the year’s tumultuous contemporary events. (See article It has now, instead of being happily, snugly, linked in my mind with Winnie the Pooh, been dragged into the anxiety net. Of course that will be added to the anxiety about the cane toads infesting Australia, and also the not-a-solution of eating them (their skin is poisonous), since frogs are, in actual fact, also a threatened species, being eaten out of existence by us, their fine two-footed friends, who, when not murdering each other, murder every other living thing around…even the existentially-fated Christmas trees.

Frog and Toad should be friends, after all.

Note: I’m trying to do my posts using my iPad only (and my oh-so-incomplete knowledge) I failed, once again, to embed the video, probably confused my zeroes and o’s: oh well). Also, because I don’t know how to move from “local” to my desktop without publishing the thing. Other duties calling.


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