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Three new IVONA voices have just been released for Text2Go, one of which is the female child voice named Ivy. Once the novelty of listening to a child text to speech voice had worn off, I was left wondering what I could use this voice for? The first thing that came to mind was perhaps a child text to speech voice could be used to read a childrens’ book aloud. To test the theory I set about converting a childrens’ ebook into an audiobook.

The ebook I chose was the popular childrens’ book The Sunflower That Roared by Michelle de Villiers available for free on This delightful story is full of beautiful watercolour illustrations. Like all ebooks published through Smashwords, it’s available in multiple formats, including .epub which is supported by Text2Go. If you have Text2Go installed you can just right-click on the link and Text2Go will download…

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