Saint Trophy Hats!

I love hats. As I was browsing the internets yesterday, I came across a commentary on fedoras on Boing Boing. More specifically, on ‘why the fedora grosses out geekdom‘. What exactly is a fedora? From my trusty source Wikipedia I gather that “A fedora (play /fɨˈdɔːrə/) is a felt hat most commonly worn by men,” though the word came from “the title of an 1882 play by Victorien SardouFédora, written for Sarah Bernhardt.” I see furthermore that it’s been Orthodoxized, gangsterized, popularized; worn by Indiana Jones, Michael Jackson and Terry Pratchett.

So, it’s a hat. I guess you choose whether it’s a black hat, a white hat or a grey hat, depending on whether you’re a baddie, a goodie or something in between…in hacking culture, or in cowboy movies, or popular culture in general. If you read the Boing Boing article, it comes to this conclusion: “Funny—a hat emblematic of privilege-denial in geekdom wasn’t even cut for dudes.” So, obviously–if this doesn’t make any sense to you– you should read the article. (which I did, out of general nosiness and interest, and also because quite a few people I know sport them. I never knew they came with so much baggage!)

Getting Befitted

Luckily, I’m not a dude (or a dudess), just a liker-of-hats– not even that many hats. Ha, I should become more knowledgeable about hats, amongst so many other things. Anyways: my hat is a panama hat, which is apparently a misnomer for a straw hat that came from Ecuador. I suspect there are hat wars raging out there. The thing is, you need different hats for different occasions; you cannot let yourself be defined by your hat, especially if you’re used to flying by the seats of your pants, or even if you go pantsless. Pantsless—  an exalted part of being a writer. The things you don’t know. Oh, and hair cuts? Don’t even get started on that, it’s a royal hairy problem.

BeHatted, Pantsed, I think

So, I never thought today would be HaTURDay. The mind boggles. Now I must go squeeze out some paint.

Paintless? Never!

(Mmm: I like bow ties too. I had better read up on them as well.)

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