Of Teasers and Tea Tree Oil

Teaser; bronze; ~9″x12″x4″
In Process: The Teaser
Mold on Clay: I put a few drops of tea tree oil in the spray bottle to prevent the mold. It smells nice too.

I initially planned to do a series of Pilates poses; I still want to—once I can get a willing and able) model again. Pilates is one of the best exercise routines out there, though my daughters prefer Zumba.

And because I have to: teaser (nope, nope)…teaserteser? (mmm: Malteser)…Maltese Falcon…super cute, no, super-cube…back to tesseract. Act, act! Language is interesting, like learning music…and like learning code: it’s all about communication and building bridges. I still agree with the old adage: a picture paints a thousand words.

Pons Asinoria (Heh: Her Eyes were bigger than her Belly)

H/T to ScienceDaily, WEIT, The Economist, and Wikipedia (of course).


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