Torso on Tuesday

Clay: Male
Work-in-Process, subsequently altered

Today is September 11, once again. I have just read the blog posting on the biblioklept site, with its list of works of art destroyed in the attack. Among the works destroyed were three hundred works of Rodin.

Rodin is my absolute favorite sculptor of all time. I have been to the Rodin sculptoral garden (Musée Rodin) in Paris three times, and would go again, given the chance. My  clay sculpting above was done in 2006. The model was standing in  Rodin’s Bronze Man pose, without a reference at hand. (Of course, he had a different physique.)

We moved abode during the sculpting process, and the clay model’s head was damaged, after which I decided that it had to lose its head permanently– not only given the wrench and turmoil of the moment– the torn throat looked so much more apt.

Bronze Male Torso by Michelle de Villiers
Torso, Bronze, 12″x8″x4″, limited edition of 8, Michelle de Villiers

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