Playing With Fire: A Nanotych Dance

Playing with Fire, Acrylic Nanotych Dance

I watched a couple of videos today of the periodic table of elements being sung. A long time ago I made a little rhyme for myself to remember them all,  forgotten now. A few new elements have been added since then. Life sure seems to have been simpler when the only  identified elements were fire, air, water and earth. So there- The Nanotych Fire Dance—  ‘polyptych‘ doesn’t quite have the right ring to it…and it isn’t three triptychs either! The dances of air, water and earth remain to be painted. The Fire Dance made me think of the Epicureans, and thus…

I have started reading On the Nature of Things. I wish I had the knowledge to read it in its original language and form (as I would the Bible, alas, also beyond me) but a lot of smart people have done many translations. I will look at three things:

The Project Gutenberg eBook of On the Nature of Things, by Titus Lucretius Carus

Translation of On the Nature of Things a public domain audiobook from LibriVox,

and an audiobook (The Swerve, by Stephen Greenblatt)  I purchased via iTunes. I had read an article by him on this same topic in The New Yorker some time ago. This is repeated in the first part of the audiobook.

There is also an interesting talk by Greenblatt on  The Big Think via YouTube.

As always, I am inspired to do little paintings as I read. If I lie down for a bit maybe the urge will pass.  The Fire Dance lives in the first part of the ‘proem’, where he addresses Venus:

 Mother of Rome, delight of Gods and men,
     Dear Venus that beneath the gliding stars
     Makest to teem the many-voyaged main
     And fruitful lands—for all of living things
     Through thee alone are evermore conceived,
     Through thee are risen to visit the great sun—
     Before thee, Goddess, and thy coming on,
     Flee stormy wind and massy cloud away,
     For thee the daedal Earth bears scented flowers,
     For thee waters of the unvexed deep
     Smile, and the hollows of the serene sky
     Glow with diffused radiance for thee!

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