Her Mouth

E6: Her Mouth

Queen’s University‘s Human Rights Office is doing a collaborative art project to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The project is based on a design by award-winning Aboriginal artist Leo Yerxa. It is proving to be a successful community project, and has already garnered much interest. I am excited to participate.

This is a work-in-process. “My” portion of the mosaic (E6) has within it the mouth, which is a primary, intimate and vulnerable source of expression. It vividly presents voice, taste and emotion, essential attributes for human wellbeing that should not be silenced or ignored. A confident voice is free to nurture the roots that feed resilience, strength and creativity, and will pass on these attributes. The grey, downtrodden figure is renewed like the salmon swimming upstream, to give birth to the next generation.


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2 Responses to Her Mouth

  1. I’ve been so busy with so many things I am behind on so many of the other things… but I didn’t close this cos I just didn’t ‘see’ the mouth… but had a moment, and now I have. Sigh of relief!

    An intriguing idea, having different artists contributing – how will they all come together I wonder? I hope you post the link to the final work when it is put together.

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