Seven Selves

Seven:  : From the Yawns of  History

(kinda like Voldemort‘s horcruxes)

Alas, so crass

this too shall pass

couldn’t care an arse

what will be will be

c’est la vie

and so it goes

up your nose with a rubber hose

gooseberry, gooseberry, step; ass; wisecrack wide

take it outside

say, do you copy?

don’t be soppy

be wise,

no, plagiarize



life goes on


(Sometimes I wonder if, one day, every letter of the alphabet, every note, every mote,  will be copyrighted by the most powerful player. Yes, it’s puerile. There is nothing new under the sun. (Nihil Novi) : Google it. What/Who determine search results’  algorithms on Google? Information influences. Aphorisms: all the good ones are taken. )


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