A Nudish Medley of Mischellany

With the summer holidays upon us, I seem to have less time for my blogs! So, I’m going to post this medley (assortment, mélange, variety, mix, potpourri, bricolage, gallimaufry, mishmash, salmagundi…thanks Thesaurus)) and hope it can serve for a week. I sorted some of my nudes(paintings of) into a collection. It was chronological, starting with a couple of watercolours I did as a teenager. Somehow, the combination of my WordPress Expertise and Memory has managed to mix them up in any case. Maybe you can try and guess the order after that: hopefully (such a useful word) there is a progression of some kind–do comment; I love comments. I was trying to analyse my use of colour and stroke, wondering if one of my early tutor’s comments on me being a “loose woman” (he was possibly, definitely, referring to my style of painting) still held true. I am sure it does, and that that is my defining “style”; the only constant being constant change. I am such a fan of evolution; obviously no intelligent design here 🙂


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