Cats Galore

I watched a TV programme in a hotel room once about Charles and Ray Eames– two of my favourite designers. In it they mentioned that Ray wasn’t very organized. I appreciated that. Clutter can be an impediment though- it prolongs the search for things so…it chomps up your original intentions and distorts your logic. My original posting wasn’t going to be about cats, but in my search for a specific picture, I just had to quickly group the cat pictures. ‘Should have tagged those felines before I stashed them in nameless files. It seems they’ve littered my computer with kittens. Which reminded me of the password problem: you end up having so many. These are two fields that should obviously never mingle, especially since the web is clueing up and may soon be able to recognize their very faces!

So many cats. The collection is somewhat chronological- many cats are missing though. They pass through our lives on their padded paws, leaving little. Well, a few good memories (aw), more than cancelled out by the traumatic ones (drat, too true).

So: We had a lot of fun naming the little beasties, always. There were:

Milady Godiva (Siamese); Klossiegat(translation: Dingleberry), Clotilda (origin uncertain); Ruschka (the Persian, killed by a dog) and Tinta Barocca (wine,mmm); Katafonix (shades of Asterix); Paka (Tonkanese); Schenzi (abandoned by his owner); Chuie (Hell cat, lynx Point; my favourite–killed by bad cat food); Johari (Lilac jewel Point); Sekia (Bengal); Nougatti (sweet, nutty Chocolate Point)…there were Blackjack, Blackjack2, Big Red, Chewy…Why does one feel guilty about the forgotten ones?

I only have a few torn sketches, a couple of paintings, left. I am glad I made them over the years. And I don’t use pets’ names as passwords anymore.

(I will be away for a while…)


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