Windblown in Yellow
Gust, acrylic, 24″x48″, Michelle de Villiers, sold

These are those storm gusts that speak to your very essence.

Kinders van die Wind” was written in 1967 by Koos du Plessis, when he was only twenty-two. I have a collection of his song lyrics: Erfdeel. Here is an attempt at a translation of this favourite in my own words:

I know an old, old ditty                                                     Faces, fantasies, names,

of life’s sweet woe and joy;                                               were torn apart by gusts;

of long-gone ships, shatter’d on                                      and where to all the words did go,

the bottom of the sea.                                                       only a child would guess.

The true words are  forgotten                                        Travellers without compass;

still, the melody sounds                                                  seekers who never find…

like dim remember’d tidbits from                               And finally we  all were but

a very ancient tale…                                                         children of the wind.

Of trav’lers without compass;

of goals never found…

And finally us kin and kind

children of the wind.


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