Above the Falls

On a Cold Niagara Day

Above the Falls; acrylic; 60″x36″; Michelle de Villiers; SOLD

The Niagara Falls have been in the news lately, so I was quite happy when the painting I did of it a couple of years ago also recently found a home. It will be inundating the buyer’s dining room in all its canvas-frozen flow.

A reciprocal storage shelf for available paintings now grace my studio as well:

Canvas Storage on Wheels

I am very happy with it and will work at filling it up! Next week will be a busy week; I may not be able to blog.


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2 Responses to Above the Falls

  1. Erika Coetzer says:

    Wow. Looks like you work really work at it. So you should as your work is amazing. Still enjoying my pieces. Enjoy summer. Erika

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