Holy Mackerel

small fish bronze casting

Holy Mackerel, 6/8 ltd edition, Bronze, Michelle de Villiers

Counting my Lucky Fish Today (Out of Stars for the Time Being)

qué bonito, oh so chic

a foraging pelagic

not the chubby, not the jack

or the king…

it’s of the holy mackerel i sing

in the greenstone, hard i toiled

blue i was, for quick it spoiled

so: no more stone

no more scomber stare:

eight of you in bronze alone

-not the same, but still-

in the game

holy fish, a butterfly

holy fish, a snake

my holy schmoley magnifishy mackerel

swim fish, swim well!

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Dribbler, scribbler, dabbler, doodler, dreamer...
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