La Foule

Stratified Polyester; Raymond Mason

The Illuminated Crowd; Raymond Mason- under Renovation

A short visit to Montreal this previous weekend. We strolled past this sculpture, La Foule Illuminée (1985), by Raymond Mason. It was being re-painted, in a colour I found rather ugly (maybe it was just a prime coat). Even though the style is not my taste, I appreciated the thought process behind it, especially in the light(!) of the simultaneous, ongoing student protests. ”La Foule” holds other memories too, the music kept playing through my mind as we circled the sculpture with its “Wet Paint, Do Not Touch” notices. Let’s hope for “Illumination”, for and from the crowd.  As for me, I find most of my pleasure ‘far from the maddening crowd‘…

Sculpture by Raymond Mason

The Illuminated Crowd, Raymond Mason

Plaque for The Illuminated Crowd


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