A Feathered Thing

I am still learning how to do this wordpress thing, which means I sometimes lose stuff- like the brilliant post I just wrote, to accompany my photos, on the creative process. Tant pis. Why the draft didn’t save automatically as it seems to be doing now will forever be a mystery. (Not magic). Plus, the order of the pictures… how to change that? We shall prevail. Also, I cannot seem to delete the duplicate picture- blech. Any kind pointers will be appreciated. It sure is a lot less intuitive than my iweb site, but I have to master it before June, when mobileme goes stomach up (why, oh why?) I have downloaded a manual for doing wordpress, but it just makes my eyes glaze over, for now.

I am working on a commission. Some to and thro-ing has occurred and conceptually we’re talking about feathers. I am doing some Chinese ink and brush sketches to get into the mood. Because the painting will be going all the way to Australia, I briefly considered doing it on ‘rice paper’ (it isn’t really; it is made from the bark of the mulberry tree). That way I could just roll it up and send it off in its little tube, le voila. But I’m prone to larger, more dramatic pieces that you can sort of climb into physically, well, metaphorically, euphorically, wholly. I have recently done quite a few using oil and cold wax- this I like. The texture, the flat colour. Acrylics are great because they dry so quickly, but they are very shiny, as they should be. That is their true character. For this I wanted something with a little gravitas. The painting will be a wedding anniversary present. It is going to be fairly large- a triptych of about five foot by five foot. I will have to do it on the floor, so to put some kinetic energy into it. We’ll see.


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