Foggy Fogo Walk

Map of Fogo

Map of Fogo Island

(Fogo Island)

I think I need to look at these every morning.

Oyster leave

Oyster leave

Gin in its natural state

Gin in its natural state

Reindeer moss

Caribou moss

Rain pond

Rain pond

I have forgotten already :(

I have forgotten already :(

Yummy blueberries

Yummy blueberries

Cracker berry or Bake apple?

Cracker berry or Bake apple?


Sundew and funnel spider web

'Black berries'

‘Black berries’

The season is turning...

The season is turning…

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Irony Poppin’s

No Guarantees

No Guarantees

Did you get it? A word of caution…a bumbershoot is not necessarily a panacea: it may lead to being pun-caked.

H/T to Mary Poppins


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A cat amongst the collection

Originally posted on Wellcome Collection blog:

In honour of #MuseumCats (head over to Culture Themes to find out more), we’re taking a look through Wellcome Collection’s clowder of cat-related material: from scientific accounts to historical satire; from safe sex posters to Henry Wellcome’s very own felines. Follow us on Twitter for a cornucopia of kitty caboodle. Meanwhile, Russell Dornan tells us about some of the ways cats are represented in our collection.

A cat running. Photogravure after Eadweard Muybridge, 1887.

Henry’s Cats

It seems fitting to start this post with the very cats owned by Sir Henry Wellcome, especially as they had a mansion all to themselves next to Regent’s Park in London. Although he didn’t live with them all the time (preferring to stay in a hotel in Portland Place) he was an attentive owner who recognised his cat’s very particular needs.

Henry Wellcome's cat, Pip, with one of her kittens.

Henry Wellcome’s cat, Pip, with one of her kittens.

As an “archetypal cat owner, with the eccentricities to match”, Wellcome made sure Pip…

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I have published Bumbershoot (it of the WIP-title Umbrella) for your enjoyment. (hopefully)

If you click on the link, you’ll see more.The story also contains some fun links, so be sure to check them out.

If you’re an educator you have probably already encountered the Book Creator app. I used it for the video. It is very easy to use. If you are willing/able to jump through all the hoops, you can sell your creations on iTunes too.

The free story is also available on Smashwords.



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Kitted Out For Summer

cat5 cat1 cat3 cat4 copy cat b&w cat copytoo catA clowder of claws

A pause of paws

A little let-up, a little lull

A caesura of the daily beat…

Let’s put up our feet.


Postings will resume…sometime





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SummerWinter SmashWords



Wow, it’s Hot!


So Cool!

The Smashwords WowieSuper WinterSummer July Promotion is in Wild Swing; go check it out. All my stories are half-off with code SSW50. Promote your fellow indie authors!


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The Summer Garden

This gallery contains 24 photos.

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T’ai chi T-Shirt for hard days

A little calm goes a long way. Find your balance. Supreme energy will be yours!

via Tai chi T-Shirt for hard days.

I wish they had silk scarfs…

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Seasonal Squat

Summer Squat

Summer Squat

bagging the questions

the seasonal squat session

rears its mortal coil


(Hasta cualquier…)

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About That Duck

The haikul duck

The haikul duck

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